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Prepare.  Plan.  Act.  SUCCESS

It's 2013, and while the job market is picking up, it's still a jungle in the workplace.  Things aren't so easy when it comes to job search and career advancement.  Are you one of the millions who have lost your job?  Have you kept your job, but wondering if it is finally the time to make a move?  Do you continue to strive for career success and advancement? Do you have career confidence? Do you need help right now?

Now is the time for action! And we can help.

  • PREPARE - don't freeze up, identify what you DO have control over in your career.  Step back and evaluate where you are, the risks and opportunities, and do a thorough assessment of yourself, your career, and the marketplace.
  • PLAN - set a target and put a plan into place to move you towards your career goal.  Whether it's a new job, visibility in your current job, or stepping into a new position, success requires action.  Is your resume the best it can be? Are your interview skills above par?  Do you know the current trends in the market?.
  • ACT - network, reach out, connect, communicate.  Now, more than any other time in your career history, is the time to get visible in every way possible. Including the all important online visibility using LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook.


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Our Featured Experts
Christine Young
christine young
Powerful and Outstanding Resumes

A leading expert in career development, Christine works with her clients to design extraordinary resumes that get results in today's difficult job market. Read more about Christine's services.

Valerie Gonyea
valerie Gonyea
Social Media
Branding Expert

An evangelist of networking and web 2.0 strategies, Valerie helps clients build a cohesive brand strategy and online presence across multiple platforms. Read more about Valerie's services.

Heather Gardner
heather gardner
The Recruiter's Corner Tips and Advice

A well known blogger and recruiter, Heather gives advice and comments on today's job market from a recruiter's perspective.  Read Heather's "Recruiter's Corner". 

  Featured Articles  

Today's job market and your Online Presence - Practically every business in the world knows the importance of an online presence. It’s only natural that this concept would flow over into our personal and career lives...read more.

The Danger of Ignoring Career Red Flags - In today’s work environment, you must pay attention and adapt quickly.  When all the signals point to action...read more.

Interview Tips for the Lunch Interview - You’ve made it through the first couple hours of your interview and you’re feeling pretty strong...read more.


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